Nearly every quality of the modern vehicle – from safety and performance to efficiency and aesthetics relies on plastics and increasingly, polymer composites to meet ever-evolving consumer expectations.

XANDOR Plastics Innovation activities look to give a response to the trends that are defining the new visions within the Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Building Industry.

As a key pillar of our business strategy, XANDOR is focused on targeted Innovation projects that offer design, material and process solutions to enrich and enable the next generation of products and smart vehicle systems.

XANDOR Plastics Innovation Strategy Framework

XANDOR Plastics Six-Stage Innovation System

XANDOR has developed and implemented a six-stage system for the development of innovative technologies, materials and processes using the diverse skills within the XANDOR Automotive team. Using lifetimes of experience and ability to recognise the most significant emerging trends gives XANDOR Plastics the ingenuity to create the innovations of tomorrow.

XANDOR’s Innovation Core Objectives using the six-stage process are:

1.   Safe and effective introduction of complementary technologies in support of new/ future business opportunities.

2.   To proactively meet the needs of emerging automotive commodity trends, relevant to our vision and future product strategy.

3.   To enhance collaboration with our customers, external parties and cross functional companywide teams.

All projects use XANDORS Innovation Process and Gateway System, to ensure management led decisions on priorities and investment.

XANDOR Plastics End to End Innovation Process Steps

Our targeted innovation system has allowed us to develop key technologies in recent years which will help keep XANDOR Plastics and its customers at the front of technological innovation including use of light weighting methodologies, sustainable design, smart mobility, interior and exterior materials & decorative processes which provide our customers with a differentiation to their competitors.

XANDOR is Ready for the Revolution

Enabling design and seamless integration of high-value decorative components with electronic content and robust surface finishes.

Design and manufacture of Grilles and Front Fascia to meet the ever-evolving styling requirements of OEM’s, whilst allowing integration of lidar, radar sensors and heated elements together with innovative decorative foils or finishes.

XANDOR have experience of In Mould Electronics (IME), an emerging technology area that we expect to grow in the coming years as manufacturers move more embedded functionality, touch sensitive surfaces, control of ambient lighting and integration with IoT devices.

Materials and designs that enable signal transparency for outgoing sensors, signal reflectivity to help detection of other vehicles and infrastructure, robust performance in harsh vehicle operating conditions and design freedom to consider styling, form, and function.


XANDOR is Ready for the Revolution

Supporting a re-imagination of vehicle interiors.

Supply options for more equitable and inclusive vehicle interiors that expand transportation access for elderly and disabled passengers.

Improve ability of interiors to stand up to the wear and tear of use as a shared vehicle (e.g., scratch-resistant materials to protect expensive displays and touchscreens; high- durability components that are easy to repair, replace, refurbish, and recycle; and hygienic materials with self- cleaning, anti-odour, and anti-microbial properties for improved passenger experience and comfort).

Supply decorative interior and exterior surfaces, on complex smart three-dimensional plastic components with matching touch sensors. Decorative surfaces from chrome effect finishes to single image prints and custom graphics with stunning visually aesthetic and high-performance levels to provide the end-user with the unique design and selling point. Incorporation of human/machine interface in the automotive industry: Household appliances and consumer electronics can also become functional designer objects.

XANDOR is Ready for the Revolution

Offset added weight from additional features.

Supply high strength-to-weight ratio to offset added weight increases and improve vehicle efficiencies, Less Weight, Less Fuel, Less CO2. Reducing overall weight to improve fuel economy while meeting the performance demands of the automotive industry.




Image courtesy of Tepex® 

Promote sustainable design and supply.

XANDOR fully support and embrace design for disassembly, repair and replacement to extend useful product lifetimes, as well as efficient recycling and re-insertion of materials back into new vehicles and other useful applications.

Advances in polymer recycling technologies, multi-material joining methods, end-of-life vehicle dismantling and recovery approaches, and comprehensive lifecycle assessment (LCA) tools with high-quality data are allowing plastics to transition toward a more circular economy.