We design and develop high quality ‘technical’ plastic components, assemblies and systems, including exterior and interior (painted and unpainted) ‘Powertrain’, ‘Electrification’ and functional black parts.

To support Programme Launches we have extensive Prototyping and Testing Capabilities to ensure our products are fit for purpose.

XANDOR Plastics are experienced in providing customers with logistics solutions and through close partnerships are able to deliver complex solutions including just in time sequencing.

At end of vehicle life we have proven processes to provide aftermarket support once serial production ends.


Our experience in the manufacture of precision Hi tech mouldings goes back more than 80 years and includes considerable experience in Power tools, Widgets, Packaging, Drainage products and complex Exterior and Interior Automotive parts. Despite this diverse portfolio the common theme linking parts from so many different markets and segments is they are both technically and performance challenging and this goal plays to the skills and expertise within our development and technical teams. Many of products above feature within their design or function unique features which differentiate them from the competition.

Plastic Injection Moulding

XANDOR Plastics have efficient, flexible highly automated manufacturing facilities, with state-of-the-art energy efficient plastic Injection Moulding presses, along with 5 modern Paint Plants.

Tool & Mould Construction

Working closely with customers from their initial concepts, our experienced knowledgeable engineers design, manufacture and prove Injection Moulding Tools.

Design & Development Solutions

Our Design and Development facilities in Leamington Spa feature many highly trained and experienced designers and engineers who work extremely closely with customers on new programmes and components.

Fasteners and Fixings

Within our group we have Canning Brett, a metal fixing and stamping company with more than 60 years in the marketplace. XANDOR Canning Brett designs and engineers a wide range of steel and aluminium multi-stage pressings and fixings from our production facility in South Wales.

Finishing Processes

A comprehensive range of finishing processes and secondary operations compliments our Hi tech moulding operations. These include Technical painting, Tampo printing and precision Hot foiling including a clean room environment to ensure the highest levels of surface quality. Secondary operations including robot assembly, welding, product and environmental testing testing are all complimentary to our moulding offer.