Featured below is a small selection of the technical plastic products we have designed, developed, and moulded since our inception in 1934.

In most cases we have worked in partnership with customers to help them develop the optimum and most cost-effective solution that meets both the key performance and commercial criteria.

Amongst the many products we have produced and or developed are:

  • Multi shot pipe seals for one of the leading players in the drainage sector.
  • Optimised Logistics packaging solutions for most of the blue-chip names within the Supermarket sector.
  • World class screwdrivers featuring four shot material technology to optimise torque and impact performance whilst still meeting the target cost criteria.

Finally, our experience within the Automotive theatre dates back to 1969 and features a truly broad range of both exterior and interior products and our inhouse design and development expertise has assisted many of Europe’s leading OEM manufacturers to develop class leading designs that are complimentary to the style and performance of the vehicle.

Automotive Components

We have been into serious Automotive production since 1969 and during that time we have supplied many the world’s leading car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. Current customers supported by our Group include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Our areas of specialisation include but are not limited to Exterior Grilles and Trim parts, Door claddings, Spoilers and ABCD Post finishers. We also have a comprehensive portfolio of interior and under bonnet components and the ability to apply various finishing options including technical paint and hot foiling.

Off Highway

We have many years of experience in specialist applications for companies such as Caterpillar, Perkins, Cummings, Denso, Layland Truck etc. where product function and durability in an extremely demanding environment is a critical characteristic of the product and its performance. Quality and reliability are critical elements in this area as the product lifecycle is extremely challenging.

Contract Manufacturing

With more than 150 moulding machines in the UK alone we are always interested in shorter term or seasonal business opportunities providing that the characteristics of high quality and product durability are critical and appreciated by the customer and its market. At any one time we are running a wide variety of contract manufacturing jobs and the use of recyclable polymers has become a big feature within this segment.


We manufacture a broad range of single and multi-layer extrusion products and in some instances, such is the advanced nature and performance of our product that it is exported all over the world including the Far East. Our long experience allows us to design and develop applications from initial concept and our products feature on many blue-chip applications around the world for leading companies such as Hewlett Packard.

Fasteners & Fixings

Within our group we have XANDOR Canning Brett, a metal fixing and stamping company with more than 60 years within the marketplace.